Rent Reviews

"OMRV" and "upwards-only" means the Tenant faces the challenges at rent review. Allow us to confidently guide you through these negotiations.

You may be approaching a rent review at a juncture in your lease and you require guidance and clarity when it comes to navigating this often-challenging element of a Landlord and Tenant relationship.

Our first piece of advice to you would be that you must ensure to not leave it to the last minute to consider your rent review strategy.  Detailed rent review clauses can often incorporate very specific stipulations around time limits within which the landlord or tenant might have to issue or respond to a rent review notice.  Failure to recognise and adhere to these stipulations can result in potentially significant cost increases.

By engaging with Bond Woodhouse you will benefit from our thorough understanding of the commercial market place, allied with our analytical approach to obtaining supporting evidence in relation to the nature of the building, its specification, location and lease terms.