Rating Services

Following the recent revaluation in 2017, you could be paying too much towards your business rates. Contact us now to gain the clarity you need.

As an occupier of commercial property you will be liable for the payment of the associated Business Rates applicable upon the demise that you occupy.

The Valuation Office Agency (VOA) has updated the rateable value of all business properties, effective from April 2017, by way of the process known as revaluation.  Each revaluation is made to reflect changes in the property market, with the previous revaluation having taken place in 2010.  Consequently, and most particularly in London, there has been some dramatic changes to the rateable values, and thus the level of payable business rates.

It is understandable that you may not have realised, or have given consideration to, the potential for your current payable business rates to be anything other than accurately and fairly assessed.  However, given the recent revaluation, and the dramatic changes in values, you may be subject to an increased cost, and potentially, as well as a reduction in your forward-going costs, a useful rebate too.

Our business rates surveyors can provide you with the clear advice you need to understand your position in this matter, and, if appropriate, will manage the processes involved with valuing, challenging and appealing your current payable business rates.